Author Topic: Curacao FIR Air Traffic Manager Vacancy  (Read 41 times)

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Curacao FIR Air Traffic Manager Vacancy
« on: November 17, 2018, 12:48:47 PM »
The VATCAR Division is soliciting applications for the position of Air Traffic Manager (ATM), for the Curacao FIR.

The Air Traffic Manager
* Reports to the VATCAR Director, maintain operations and management for an assigned FIR.
* Maintains an online presence on the VATSIM network.
* Functions as VATCAR staff member and attends periodic meetings to report on FIR activities and to stay abreast of VATCAR issues and policies.
* Establishes an FIR website and oversees its maintenance.
* Initiates and obtains VATCAR Director approval for FIR Standard Operating Procedures, Letters of Agreement and other appropriate documentation.
* Provides for coordination of position assignments and position restrictions when necessary.
* Provides guidance and help to assigned controllers or guests
* Works with FIR and Division-level Events Coordinators on events that may affect the FIRs operations.
* Establishes testing and training as defined, and in accordance with, the VATCAR Training policies.
* Establishes a Deputy ATM position and defines the duties of that position; submits selection to VATCAR Director for final approval and announcement.
* Nominates Instructor candidates to the Training Services Administrator for approval and announcement
* Recommends disciplinary actions to the VATCAR Director/VATCAR DCRM.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Controller 1 Rating
  • Ability to perform each role in the FIR at basic skill
  • Access to Office Suit Software for Document creation
  • Preferred previous staff experience
If you are interested, please send in your application here: . If you have any queries, please contact VATCAR1/2
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