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Events Logo Guideline
« on: November 02, 2011, 02:41:11 AM »

Below are some guidelines for Event logos within VATCAR Division

> Find a creative idea.

> Search for some partner ARTCC's/FIR's in your area or abroad. Check if your neighbouring ARTCC/FIR has also a friendly events team and work with them together.

> Create a nice banner, not too big

> Don't place the banner on a service platform, which does not guarantee that the banner will be reachable until the event is history.

> Don't take too much text on the banner. A short ads text says more then 1000 words (on the picture).

> Find a nice text which explains the nature of your event, express what is special on this event.

> Give service to the participants, offer them e.g. the needed charts(links), scenery for the major flightsims, appropriate flightplans.

> Inform others and/or ask for support when you guys are not able to staff all positions. There are many members around who could assist. Controlling an event with tons of traffic always is a challenge and an approach controller could be tired after half of the event. At least the Hit Squad (if available) can assist and believe me: those controllers are really top notch.

> Start advertising EARLY. If you want to promote an event two days before it starts, it is simply too late. Start your promotion 3-4 weeks before the event starts.

> ALWAYS use UTC (Zulu) as time reference. It is unlikely to expect a pilot from abroad to do the calculation from e.g. eastern time to Zulu on his/her own.

> Inform everybody in your area about the event - and if there is a similar event in the same time, maybe you should think of a better date...

> Invite your own members to fly this event. Hey we are a membership community. And if you can activate pilots of your own FIR/ARTCC, it is really better.

> Invite the Virtual Airlines. Very important. If the timeline is okay, they will participate by e.g. creating an own event which fits into your event.

Event Logo Sizes

Max Width: 600 pixels
Max Height: 300 pixels

If you have any questions, feel free to post.

FIR Staff, if you would like your Event posted on the front of the VATCAR Website, please send an email to our Division Events Team at vatcar5[at]vatcar[dot]org with the image and description / information
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