Author Topic: Upcoming Policy Revisions & Training Department Update  (Read 2606 times)

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Upcoming Policy Revisions & Training Department Update
« on: July 15, 2013, 04:45:48 PM »

This post is primarily meant to inform you of, and prepare you for, a series of updates to the documents which serve as official FIR Policy. In addition, I will be touching on the state of the Training Department.

  • Kingston FIR Volume 2 ATC Phraseology Manual will be abolished
  • Replaced by individual Operational ATC Guides for the Sangster Sector of the Jamaica TMA, the Manley Sector of the Jamaica TMA, the Cayman TMA, and Area Control (CTR) that will include not only the procedural guidelines for the control of traffic in the TMA/Sector, but will also include phraseology examples for nearly every type of scenario from GND - APP and CTR which will serve as the official phraseology guidelines for the FIR, replacing the current Phraseology Manual.
  • Kingston FIR Volume 3 ATC Training Manual will be abolished.
  • Replaced by a new, revised Training Manual that will take into account the new expectations and requirements presented by the new Operational ATC Guides, the multiple revisions in VATSIM's GRP since the last version's publishing, and the move over to EuroScope as our official FIR Radar Client.*

Training Department & Instructor/Mentor Staff:
  • The new Training System that will take effect upon the publishing of our new Training Manual contains a revised role for Mentors, so we will be looking into adding two new mentors to the Instructor Staff in the very near feature. It is important that any FIR controller who is interested in taking on a pedagogic role in the FIR ensures that Andrew and I are aware of that. We want mentors who are competent controllers, but it's equally important that a candidate is actually interested in teaching.
  • The e-mail will not be used as my point of correspondence for training matters. Instead, continue to contact me at to request training or if you have a question.

 *The Kingston FIR's official Radar Client is now EuroScope, not VRC. Controllers are free to choose their own radar client, but instructors will not be obliged to provide technical assistance to any controller who is not using the most current release of our EuroScope suite. This policy will be made official in our new ATC Training Manual.
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