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Great controller exam!!
« on: July 26, 2012, 03:53:50 PM »

There will be no other controller on any of the other airports on any other position so he will be totally on his own!
Please join the party and fly to or from one or more of our airports, VFR or IFR, it's all possible!

The happening starts Sunday July 29th 2012 at 1800z and will end at approx 2000z.

Everything must be done by the book, so make sure you have your charts on board. Expect and experience our latest SID and STAR procedures. All available at
These procedures are not included in the monthly Airacs as Navigraph only accept changes from their real world clients although we follow the real world procedures!!
No emergency situations are allowed! If something happens with your aircraft, report it to the controller and go offline to fix your problem.
I wish Luis lots of success !!
Kind regards,
Ruud op de Weegh.