Welcome to VATSIM Caribbean Division Website. This website is dedicated to the Virtual ATC and Pilots community in the Caribbean using VATSIM network. Here you will find information about our Events, our Flight Information Regions, Forums and important announcements.

If you are interested in becoming a Virtual Air Traffic Controller, VATCAR is an excellent choice for you! We offer a wide variety of FIRs where you can learn and apply different procedures. If you are a virtual Pilot we extend our invitation to fly our airspaces where you will find top-notch Virtual ATC services.

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VATCAR Vacancies

VATSIM Caribbean Division (VATCAR) has the following positions open:

  • VATCAR Training Administrator - VATCAR3
  • VATCAR Assistant Training Administrator - VATCAR4
  • VATCAR Deputy Events Director - VATCAR6
  • VATCAR Division Hit Squad Coordinator - VATCAR9 ( I1 Rating Required )

All applicants must have a clean VATSIM record and be willing to transfer to the VATCAR Division.
Full Job descriptions are available on our Vacancies Section.

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Caribbean Nights Continues! [Aug 6th, 23:45z-02:00z]

Caribbean Nights 2345 pm

Join the VATSIM Caribbean Division every Wednesday for a couple hours as we feature one of our FIR's. The Caribbean offers cultural diversity, challenges that test even the most experienced pilots, and so much more. Whether you enjoy sightseeing or flying the heavy metal we hope to see you every Wednesday for our Caribbean Nights event series.


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Caribbean Heat [AUG 8th, 2300z-0300z]


Soak up the Caribbean Heat hopping across the Caribbean Sea between four hot VATCAR destinations: Depart Montego Bay’s white sandy beaches, or leave Jamaica’s cultural capital Kingston for some cloud surfing over to Piarco just in time for Carnival or to simply relax on a beach near Bridgetown, Barbados VATCAR, VATSIM’s Caribbean Division invites you Friday 8 August, 2014 at 2300z - 0300z to participate in the Caribbean Heat Event. 

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Toby Turlington Appointed VATCAR Deputy Director - VATCAR2

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